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Chat means a function within the Digital Services allowing two or more Users to communicate with each other;

Device includes a computer, tablet or mobile phone;

Digital Services means the MoveMaker Mobile Website or the MoveMaker Mobile App.

Licence means permission to use the MoveMaker Mobile App;

Mobile App means the facility that allows You to access the our services through an application for mobile phones and other Devices. You can access the Mobile App by using Your email address and password You selected for Your Device;

Mobile Website refers to where You can access our services;

Password means the password You select when You first register to the Digital Services;

Property means a residential property owned by a Registered Landlord which You are the tenant or which property has been placed on the MoveMaker Mobile App by another user;

Registered Landlord means a Housing Association, Registered Social Landlord or Local Housing Authority;

Swap means a mutual agreement between two or more Users to exchange Properties;

Us/We/Our refers to Viridian Housing (Homes and Communities Agency registration number: LH0172, Community Benefit Society registration number: 12752R) of Colwell House, 376 Clapham Road, London, SW9 9AR

User means a registered user of the Digital Services who has accepted these Terms and Conditions;

User Content has the meaning given in paragraph 5.1;

You means You as a User.